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About Serhan Kıymaz

IT executive with application development and system administration background. Some achievements are:

  • Founder of DCP-Portal which is first CMS from Turkey with more than 400K downloads (1999-2003)

  • Developer of first 3D Secure implementation in Turkey (2003)

  • Developer of first MMS Composer with drag'n drop features, video and sound transcoding (2003)

  • Nagios contributor

  • 15+ years of software development experience1

  • 10+ years of IT operations experience

  • 15+ years of Linux experience

  • Worked at multinational companies as team member and manager

Some Skills: Apache HTTP Server, Citrix Netscaler, DHCP, DNS, HTML, HTTP, IMAP, Java, Spring, Springboot, JavaScript, LDAP, Linux, MySQL, Perl, PHP, Sendmail, SMTP, SNMP, SOAP, SSH, WAP, XML, SMIL, Memcache, Lighttpd, AJAX, JSON, Sphinx, Mason, SVN, GIT, Nagios, JIRA, Comfluence Zabbix, Solr, Elastic Search

My latest projects

My Latest Projects



Bilyoner is the largest legal betting company in Turkey. We are building next generation of Bilyoner iOS&Android applications, desktop and mobile websites with 82 people in our IT team.

New era is starting 2019 fall with long waited live betting features. Live betting is legalizing in Turkey for the first time in country history.



Segmentify is a well-known recommendation engine for e-commerce companies.

We have built Segmentify's core recommendation engine for all channels like web, mobile web, mobile SDK, mobile&web push and email recommendation campaigns.

New platform of Segmentify is scalable, easy to maintain and enlarges company product data significantly to recommend from a much more product pool.

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